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          YiRan Trade Co., Ltd of Linyi city is a beech veneer, beech dough, beech plywood, no formaldehyde plywood, soybean glue beech plate, beech wood and other products specialized production and processing of the company,has a complete and scientific quality management system.
         The company is located in the town of Linyi City Lanshan district party Guo Xingzhuang,Over the years in the spirit of "customer first, reputation first" business philosophy,to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with a number of enterprises。

    YiRan take honestly as this
    Over the years focused on sincerity, only do credit products

    0086 13455941253

    Why did you choose YiRan

    Professional team
    -Senior design team for customized high-end door plank;
    -Provide professional design services professional figure team, for
     merchants to provide the corresponding technical services;
    -Master the core technology of sheet metal,has a modern standard
     factory building,has 150 kinds of colors and 20 different lines of
     steel plate,Fully meet the needs of different customers
    Top raw material
    -High quality beech wood raw material,low water content,
     eliminate cracking;
    -Usher in the Italian professional wood paint,no paint,no color
    -EO level environmental protection standards,international
     highest level of environmental protection,safer than drinking
    -The world environmental protection,family more to "small
     environmental protection",YiRan adheres to the principle of
     protecting the environment, protecting nature and low carbon,
     through FSC certification, China environmental labeling products
     certification, the EU product safety CE certification, etc.
    -In the latest product,we developed the exclusive new beech
     flooring,the unique technology enables it to be directly on the
     floor tiles,the most suitable for the two decoration.
    High visibility
    -Company product variety is complete,all parts of the country
     have sales,has many domestic and foreign customers,With good
     reputation, reliable quality, short time limit for a project, one-stop
     service, has won widespread praise by the majority of users,Is
     your good choice;
    -Company products are sold both at home and abroad;
    -7*24*365Customer service consultation,convenient companies;
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