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How to identify the beech?

      Beech identification should not say difficult, to the naked eye view, there are few wood similar. Beech texture clear, not do things sloppily. Common beech wood, and wood texture, well proportioned, smooth texture. In the single board for common beech furniture case, half feet wide, long Zhang Yu belongs to normal. Beech beautiful texture, so the craftsmen have consciousness use, the doors are generally single board, plate of a section of two, flip around two door, pyramid pattern best, commonly known as Baota lines. Double lines for the top cabinet door pagoda.

      Beech and yellow rosewood similar texture distance, near far. The delicate yellow rosewood, beech is slightly rough. Pear wood grain multi curve, beech is strong regularity. Beech no yellow rosewood "grimace", less boils, not a beech gall.

      Beech very heavy, be roughly the same with yellow rosewood. Because of the dense texture, high hardness, its brittle and hard, the construction is not easy. Beech is big, the high rate of deformation, for all types of wood, especially South Wood shipped to the north, almost everything is deformed. Some furniture from Suzhou to Beijing, only a few weeks began to deformation, change of the big, not to imagine. I once saw a round of the bolt rod, from top to bottom to reverse a hundred degrees, so that the bolt rod of copper twisted to the cabinet, the incredible view.

      The past does not know that the southern beech, elm, think there is some truth. Beech lobular trees, leaves and elm are very similar. The northern village of elm furniture, for the bulk of its status and equal; status in the southern beech. Two classes of trees is up to several meters, texture, although different but smooth access a class, carefully identify and the patency of the beech texture is constitute by the extremely small brown eyes tired, and the patency of the elm is eloquent, pursue a large effect. Two kinds of wood on the comparison, it is easy to get these feelings.

      Yellow beech and beech beech branch blood. Too literally, yellow Zelkova is common beech, for the bulk, blood beech a lot less, with dark red color, the use of the old little attention is easy and the mahogany confused. Blood beech than yellow beech components heavier, the hardness is higher, may such varieties as yellow beech thick, so blood beech small pieces of furniture for many, cabinet, bed, major is almost gone.

      Beech furniture production in the long, time span greatly, unlike yellow rosewood, mahogany and other furniture has a significant time span. Beech furniture in the long years, always clinging to their own advantages show. In the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, beech furniture chasing og huanghuali furniture's charm, after the middle period of the Qing Dynasty, beech furniture and the orders transferred to the commercialization tendency is dye in the wood mahogany furniture, still as a thankless role. A lot of beech furniture varieties, with pear furniture as a reference, can be found as like as two peas. With mahogany furniture as a reference, still can be found almost the same.

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