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What are the characteristics of beech?

     Beech characteristics: heavy, strong, impact resistance, steam is easy to bend can make modelling, holding nail performance is good, but easy to crack. The texture is clear, the wood texture is uniform, the tone is soft and smooth. Most of the hardwood are heavy, in the kiln drying and processing prone to crack.

Imported from Europe and America with beech good material, the import price for the domestic coast several times. The domestic coast also known as beech, is the difference between beech wood, wood structure, wood, has, the lower its price.

     Beech wood close while the heavier, wood is fine and is straight, the structure of Kuruma less; domestic beech wood is loose, light weight, wood is not obvious, structure of spot of many and color.

     Beech trees can grow up to 30 meters, up to 1.5 meters in diameter. Beech wood physical layer upon layer, more abundant than Yumu, Suzhou craftsmen, said the "pagoda pattern" beech wood than ordinary wood hard, but not hardwood. In the Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture wood, beech has an important position, since ancient times respected. Beech is a common material for making furniture in Suzhou. The north also has a lot of beech furniture, Ming and other more work with pear, for craftsmen and collectors attention.

     I do not know the name of the north, and called for South elm wood. Although not a luxurious wood, but traditional furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially in folk, use a very wide. This kind of beech furniture for the Ming, modelling and manufacture technique and pear hardwood furniture is basically the same, with considerable artistic value and historical value. Elm Ulmus department, deciduous trees, several feet, Kipichan, gray brown, have thick wrinkles and small protrusions; serrate, leaf quality is a bit thin. Spring having pale yellow flowers, unisexual, monoecious. The fruit is small, and the fruit is a triangle. This wood material quality, beautiful texture, for building and implements material.

     Beech is the most common use of wood wood stairs. Heartwood is not clear or clear. Wood white or very shallow brown, in the air is placed can turn reddish brown, end texture straight, muscle structure is fine and even and luster of wood. Wide wood ray is significant, especially in the longitudinal section. A light colored background with a dark stripe or stripe. Material with different growth conditions and a large variation. Wood dry quickly, good nature, wood hard weight. Denmark and Northern Europe are more rigid than other regions.

     The average dry material is about 961 kg / cubic meter. The wet dry material strength properties and European oak similar, but wood bending strength, stiffness, hardness, shear strength and anti splitting force about European oak is 20% higher than the, impact resistance was approximately 40%. Wood bending performance is excellent, the processing is not difficult, but often because of different materials and performance.

     The European beech beech and white beech bonus. Two before drying is the same kind of wood, which is different in red beech process steam fumigation in drying, and no white beech. Therefore, red beech English name for STEAMED BEECH (meaning 'through steam fumigation beech'), white beech UNSTEAMED BEECH (meaning 'not by steam fumigation beech'). The steam fumigation time, and determines the shade of red beech.

     In general, the Italy red beech darker, while France, Denmark's color is shallow. One thing to note is not white, white beech, but shallow pink. The so-called "waterline" is of beech heartwood, beech heartwood after drying is reddish brown to brown, if sheet of material in the process of cutting to the heartwood, sheet will have red brown or brown stripes or elliptic (depending on the shape of the heartwood and decide), does not affect the intensity of timber and other physical properties, but is generally considered to affect the appearance. Romania, Poland, Turkey wood factory production of beech lumber in general more water. In general, the use of dry plate in the north, the moisture content should be below 12%. Do stairs or furniture should be in 8%-10%. In the South should not exceed 15%.

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