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Introduction of relevant knowledge of beech

     Beech is one of the earliest and most extensive wood furniture in literati. "It is also written wood" or "wooden fruit". Chinese produced in the south, the North do not know this name, and called for South elm wood.

    "Tree taxonomy of China" set: "China taxonomy trees beech from Jiangsu Zhejiang for Daye beech, alias' elm beech 'or' elm'. Wood quality, color lines and beauty, use is very broad, very valuable. The aged and the wood with red, called 'blood beech'." Some beech is the natural beauty of the large color pattern, like rosewood.

     The longitudinal profile texture of beech, mostly clear mountain lines, filling the wood texture is the most essential and shades of white, white wins the black chapter, tranquil and elegant, high quality beech will exhibit similar bird plumage pattern, let people mistakenly believe that the acacia, beauty is commendable. So good is the first selection of beech wood texture, be very exquisite. The open plate, especially against the door will cut, it can show the mountain state. And the top surface of the plate, required whorl rolling, such as ripples in the appearance of Chengjiang. However, you can choose leg material, cutting three points, made of wood texture as a bird feathers stretch, peaceful and natural pattern. This should return to nature, recover one's original simplicity of Taoist philosophy, under the combination of reading alone, thousands of years of literati attitude.

     Although not a luxurious beech wood, but the traditional furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially in folk, use a very wide. Production of the beech furniture from the Ming Dynasty continued to the present. But once claimed the scenery of aloes yellow rosewood, mahogany and other material furniture. With the shortage of raw materials out of Huanghua pear, beech furniture will become the best alternative to stage a comeback, pear wood. Beech furniture both Ming and Qing style, this and other materials with only one different characteristics. Beech furniture and pear furniture with the same shape and workmanship, artistic and historical value is very high.

     The best beech furniture produced in Suzhou, modelling diversity, style juanxiu. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties then literati in design, manufacture and tasting appreciatively, make it than ordinary furniture and unique a geniality and quality. Classical furniture in the decoration of the old hall and the library is the traditional sense of order and dignity sense, but also reflects the literati and personal temperament and hobbies and personality style.


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