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Ju wood furniture maintenance work

u wood furniture is now widely used, needing those who remind everybody is to maintain, reduce daily damage, prolong service life.When exactly what needs to maintain, maintenance need to be aware of what respect?
Timely cleaning the ju wood dust the furniture besmirch, points of processing.When touch dirt, sand and other dry dirt, as long as gently pat or vacuum suction, clean, as for into a grain of sand, usable brush brush conveniently inward light, but do not use hard brush, so as not to damage the cloth.Can go ahead if you stick to drink, fruit juice with a paper towel to wipe hand water and dissolved with warm water and neutral detergent to wipe, then use a clean soft cloth to wipe, finally the low temperature drying.
Ju wood furniture also is prevented bask in high temperature.Summer, don't let ju wood furniture under direct exposure to the sun, and in winter, don't use ju wood furniture for a long time high temperature baking, craze, deformation or otherwise vulnerable to ju wood furniture surface paint film phenomenon of regional metamorphism.
Good moisture-proof measures.Should not be in a very humid place, ju wood furniture wood in the wet expansion deformation, after a long time easy to decay.
Maintenance of furniture with wax.Wax, recommend the use of special solid wood furniture wax polish furniture for regular maintenance.Although often waxing no damage to coating, glazing 1 to 2 times a year best, excessive waxing will damage the coating appearance.
Repair and maintenance of ju wood furniture maintenance, pay attention to the processing of detail, let it keep its own light, send out bedroom taste.
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