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Ju wood veneer home renovation?

Ju wood veneer furniture in the renovation, why need to solve the scratches, dent and paint falls off, the ju board manufacturer to introduce for you.
1, solve the scratches
Is scratching the problems on the furniture, but also let the real wood furniture becomes the main cause of mottled, when we found there are scratches on the surface of solid wood furniture, can on its surface coated with a layer of cod liver oil, a day after wiping, simple and convenient.
2, solve the dent
Ju wood veneer furniture appeared a dent, can use wet cloth to wipe first dent, crosses to see if it because of absorbing water and expansion, if no change can be wet cloth pad on furniture, and then use the iron iron at low temperature, where recessed go up, and then use a sandpaper to grind.
3, solve the paint falls off
If it is real wood furniture is because of its use for a long time to finish off to make furniture, this time is the most effective solid wood furniture renovation technique with half a glass of water plus a quarter of the vinegar, or with alcohol, toilet water, tea, dip in on a soft cloth to wipe once or twice, then wipe the floor wax again, can make the wooden furniture to restore luster.At the same time, using this method can also remove by marcel white marks on the surface of the paint.
Above is ju board manufacturers to introduce the ju wood veneer furniture renovation method can also apply the usual furniture refurbishment and maintenance.

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