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How to reduce the ju wood floor fractures?

Ju wood floor base material sometimes occur crack, if there is a crack is not only the appearance is bad, will also affect the service life, corresponding measures will be taken to prevent this from happening, as follows:
High temperature can be used qualitative treatment: it can reduce the crack in wood, produce crack in the wood surface residual deformation can be done before the end of the drying process for high temperature and high wet processing to eliminate the wood.In processing, wood surface compression residual deformation due to wet expand, with the original residual deformation for offset, with extra moisture to evaporate, with inner wood shrinkage, therefore can't produce residual deformation in the lumber, wood inside crack thus eliminated.
There is a more effective method is to use waterproof agent to the antiseptic treatment: using the pressurized waterproofing agent, waterproofing agent deep into the wood, in order to achieve good anti-cracking effect of persistence.With waterproof coating is also a good way, in the end of lumber and surface coating waterproof coating, slow evaporation intensity on the surface of the wood, which reduces the moisture content of lumber, both inside and outside gradient, can also reduce the cracking of lumber.
Ju wood factory warm prompt: the above methods are relatively good, adoption rate is relatively high, hope to help you.

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