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Ju wood face lathe cutting process?

Ju wood face is composed of rotary cutting, plane cutting method to produce wooden thin sheet material.Usually, the processing of natural veneer is sliced and methods.Ju wood manufacturers to introduce the next plane cutting process.
1, the sectional profile control.Log into the factory, first of all, according to the required length cut into logs, then wood square, profile control system must be based on log diameter, wood texture and the wood square on a plane cutting machine fixed method choice saw cutting scheme, make the plane cutting width is not less than the requirements of two sub-companies named seaport.
2, cooking.(after cooking, the plasticity of lumber.First of all, boiled wood square in the pool, should according to tree species, wood square specification separately;It's better to keep the normal temperature, water temperature and heating slowly, lest (cracking caused by thermal stress.
3, dry.General requirements after drying moisture content in 8% 12% advisable, two sub-companies named seaport drying equipment has a continuous operation of drum dryer and belt drier and intermittent operation of the drying chamber.Drying chamber is the old drying equipment, is not the economy, but the drying quality is better.

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