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How to choose the ju wood veneer?

Home decoration will use all sorts of plank, so how to choose and buy plank, sheet on how to identify when the choose and buy?Ju wood veneer base material, for one, should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. See plank surface had obvious defects.Decorative plate surface should be smooth, without burr and plane cutting knife scar, no glue penetration and surface pollution phenomenon, as far as possible choose plate surface without crack, crack, without her, leather, resin capsule and gum, the entire plate natural warp degrees should be small as far as possible, avoid because of the improper operation, sanding technology base material revealed sand through phenomenon.

2. Recognize the difference between the two sub-companies named seaport cover and veneer natural wood veneer board.The board that the former basic for straight texture, texture texture design rules;The latter plank for decorative pattern, natural wood texture pattern of natural variability is large, no rules.

3. The visual inspection.Decorative panels should have good aesthetic appearance, uniform material should be careful, colour and lustre is clear, beautiful wood grain, board with board and texture should be arranged according to certain rule, spelling a flower color close, flat-fell seam and almost parallel to the edge.

4. The stability of plank sub structure, does not glue phenomenon.Plate surface veneer should be paid attention to and between base material, base material internal layers do not appear beat, a layered phenomenon.

5. Choose a plate of low formaldehyde release a quantity.Don't choose dalle irritating smell.Sheet because the smell, the greater the formaldehyde release a quantity to the higher, the more powerful the pollution, the greater the harm.

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