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How to save the ju wood floor base material?

For factory is a production of ju board base material, if not add preservation measures, wait till may be out of shape, and use it every time you can't use.Perhaps for customers is also a problem, not storage, cause metamorphism, both producers and buyers are well preserved in the late work.
For the wooden material, the most afraid of be moist environment, easy to corrosion.But it's too easy to crack, dry and have occasionally been micro bending stuck up.This needs us in store can't put it in direct sunlight place at the same time, under the condition of too dry, pay attention to maintain base material environment humidity in time.When necessary you can use the air conditioner and dehumidifier dehumidification clean-up on the material stack space, such as avoid extreme wet and dry conditions, are unfavorable to preserve.
If this batch of base material temporarily need not, are to be packed in plastic package, as far as possible to prevent moisture intrusion arrange another time to use.Will log sheet or stored in a ventilated indoor or covered area, save for natural ventilation, so that in the later use not deformation or corrosion.
Ju wood floor base material saved, for customers who buy many examples of the decoration materials is essential, this is to ensure that good have nothing guarantee, must pay attention to.

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