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Natural creation, the timber do you know£¿

As early as two thousand years ago, our country began to use wood to build house, also in wood carving window and the bed. We are always amazed by the craftsmen's hand, but for wood "nothing". What is ju wood, believe that you may be just a little knowledge, so let's take you know something about the life may encounter the beauty of the wood.

The main characteristics

Elm tree species of genus ju wood, alias ju yu or English elm.

Under heavy, strong, impact resistant, steam is easy to bend, make modelling, nail sexual performance is good, but easy to crack. Wood texture clear, uniform texture, color soft, smooth. Heavier than most hardwoods, prone to crack during kiln drying and processing.

Ju wood is called "declining aristocracy", after a is due to the beech, represented by chrysanthemum pear annatto furniture began to occupy the high-end market; 2 it is because of the characteristic of the ju wood itself has the temperament of "aristocratic" wood. Ju wood in the top grade "blood ju", for example, with similar yellow chrysanthemum pear, both ornamental and practical, is not weak. In addition, ju wood have special, as overlapping waves pointed "pagoda grain". When wood grain beautiful enough, can even compare with dramatic chicken wings wood texture. Although ju wood is not named "hardwood" list, but the hardness are higher than the average wood, woodiness is relatively heavy, it is also a beech an expression of the gentry.

The main purpose

Ju wood for furniture material, fine and available for shipbuilding, construction, Bridges, etc. And in daily life, furniture, wooden door, floor, handicraft, also often see the figure of beech.

Due to materials, combined with "bright", ju wood become the focus of the original furniture material object. Just was aloes material such as chrysanthemum pear, rosewood furniture took the scenery. With chrysanthemum pear raw material shortage, ju wood furniture to stage a comeback, becoming the best alternative chrysanthemum pear wood. Ju wood furniture both Ming and qing style, this and other material with only one of the characteristics of different. Ju wood furniture and furniture of chrysanthemum pear in the same shape and workmanship, artistic and historical value is very high.

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