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Ju wood furniture will be influenced by what factors?

Ju wood has always been the folk furniture commonly used materials, followed by China's ju wood materials are dwindling. In 1999, ju wood is listed as national key protection plant, even banned logging! Because there is no raw materials processing, as a direct result of very few store specializes in domestic ju wood on the market. Bought furniture, however, you will know, ju wood still often mentioned the name.

Natural beauty

Because no two are exactly the same tree, two pieces of the same material, so that each product can have unique characteristics, the characteristics of natural wood, minerals such as line, color and texture changes, needle, resin capsule and other natural, ju wood furniture more rich natural beauty.

The temperature influence

Just saw down lumber moisture content is more than 50%, to wood processing such as ju wood furniture, should be carefully drying wood with its moisture content is reduced to a certain extent, to ensure the relative temperature of the final product adapt to most families. But, as the change of temperature in the home, ju wood furniture still is constantly water exchange with the air, like your skin, wood is porous, the encounter of dry air because of moisture distribution and reduce some,. Similarly, when the relative temperature rise, wood will absorb enough moisture and a little inflation, however these mild natural changes will not affect the furniture stability and durability.

The impact

In a wet environment, ju wood furniture front can become difficult to open and close due to inflation. A simple solution is on the edge and bottom drawer slide to daub wax or paraffin. If constantly high humidity for a long time, can consider to use the dehumidifying device, when the air becomes dry, the drawer can natural opening and closing.

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