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The advantages and disadvantages of ju wood furniture is what?

The advantages of ju wood furniture:

1¡¢Ju wood furniture is hard, wood is fine and heavy, suitable for making large pieces of furniture.

2¡¢It is easy to bend under steam and can be used as a composition wood furniture.

3¡¢Ju wood furniture is wear-resistant, shiny, and when dry, it is not easy to deform, it is no wonder that it becomes the home market of popular masses.

The weakness of ju wood furniture:

1¡¢The color of ju mu furniture is not so unified, this is because ju wood tree is old reason.

2¡¢The tree is different, the color and density of ju wood differ, so choose ju wood furniture to pay special attention to the tree age of ju wood.

3¡¢Ju wood under the steam can be bent, but it is this point can also be a disadvantage, ju wood in a dry and prone to crack under the condition of deformation, affect beautiful and use.

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