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A brief introduction to ju

Rotary cutting technology characteristics

CNC lathe cutting machine, change the thickness only need tablet thickness figures, without changing equipment internal structure, high precision rotary cutting;Different wood species can also be used together with rotary cutting without affecting the thickness;Surface roughness is high, the spin to is not sensitive to the surface reaction of Yin and Yang of lumber.

The working principle of the rotary cutter

Have card shaft rotary cutting machine, the use of 101 card axis, in logs of wood, wood rotating body, from outside to inside rotary cutting tool will logs into laminated.Card axis is mainly used for fixed and rotating and cutting wood, so the card is inserted into the wood of the shaft part cannot whirling, shaft diameter is larger, and the card can't rotary cutting surplus wood, card shaft rotary cutting machine is very waste of wood raw material, is not conducive to make full use of the wood, at the same time increase the cost of the product processing.Now generally have card shaft rotary cutting machine lathe cutting length is 0.8 ~ 0.8 meters, no card lathe cutting wood core diameter from 70 ~ 300 mm.

No card shaft rotary cutting machine, the use of a compression effect and sent to a role of extrusion and friction roller and two hold-down logs of friction drive with surface texture of the main friction roller support logs, a rotary cutting knife under extrusion friction roller screwing in logs.Work is always in full length direction friction roller pressure logs to the same direction, driving log rotation, make the logs to the rotary cutter sent to, the last cut round wood into sheet, since there is no card shaft, rotary cut less than at the end of the wood core material, greatly improving the rate of plate, thus widely attention

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