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What practical value does beech have?

Beech wood pale red brown, underwater does not rot, can be indoor device, adornment, tool handles, and container.

Nuts for hunting animal food, can also be used to fatten poultry or cooking oil production.

Especially in some variant of European beech, such as copper beech or purple beech, copper leaves;Wacker's beech (Dawyck beech) leaves narrow, luster, spirally arranged;Fern leaf beech or lobed leaf beech, narrow leaves, deep cleft, shaped like a fern leaf;Oak leaf beech leaves with coarse teeth, edge wave, like oak leaves;Beech long, drooping branches guangzhan, crown eaves level branches extend.Nuts is small, triangular.According to the kinds of differences, each hairy shell with 2 to 4 nuts.Nuts are rich in protein, can be eaten raw, BBQ or cooking oil.Grow on silty loam best.Although growth is slow, but will live to 400 years in beech trees.In the other continents ornamental plant.

The Antarctic beech reddish brown rigid material suitable for floor and make furniture.Other nothofagus are Australasia evergreen material with tree (Australasia) region, one of the most famous such as: Australia beech (i.e., Moore's nothofagus) can be found in new south wales, as high as 46 meters, lobes 7 cm long;Mountain beech (n. cliffortioides) native to New Zealand, 12 meters high, smooth without teeth, about 1 cm long;Myrtle beech also called Tasmania myrtle, Australia myrtle, red myrtle (n. cunninghamii, Cunningham's nothofagus), native to Tasmania, 60 meters high, wood texture meticulous;In addition, the undergraduate course includes other varieties, such as red beech (n. fusca, namely brown nothofagus) native to New Zealand, slender trunk, cylindrical, about 30 meters high;Silver beech or austral beech (n. menziesii, menzies's nothofagus) native to New Zealand, 30 meters high, the leaf weight of obtuse teeth, leaves the back has a tiny hole of MAO.Buck trees, about 25 m tall, about 60 cm diameter at breast height, tree trunk straight, bark light gray or gray, thin and smooth.

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