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  • A brief introduction to ju


    Rotary cutting technology characteristicsCNC lathe cutting machine, change the thickness only need tablet thickness figures, without changing equipment internal structure, high precision rotary cutting;Different wood species can also be used together

  • The advantages and disadvantages of ju wood furniture is what?


    The advantages of ju wood furniture:1¡¢Ju wood furniture is hard, wood is fine and heavy, suitable for making large pieces of furniture.2¡¢It is easy to bend under steam and can be used as a composition wood furniture.3¡¢Ju wood furniture is wear-resist

  • Natural creation, the timber do you know£¿


    As early as two thousand years ago, our country began to use wood to build house, also in wood carving window and the bed. We are always amazed by the craftsmen's hand, but for wood "nothing". What is ju wood, believe that you may be just a littl

  • How to choose the ju wood veneer?


    Home decoration will use all sorts of plank, so how to choose and buy plank, sheet on how to identify when the choose and buy?Ju wood veneer base material, for one, should pay attention to the following aspects:1. See plank surface had obvious defect

  • Ju wood furniture maintenance work


    u wood furniture is now widely used, needing those who remind everybody is to maintain, reduce daily damage, prolong service life.When exactly what needs to maintain, maintenance need to be aware of what respect?Timely cleaning the ju wood dust the f

  • Ju wood why empty drum phenomenon£¿


    The floor after laid, when you knock, can appear sometimes the phenomenon of empty drum, ju wood is not exceptional also, so what causes this phenomenon?1, when laying mortar is not full or not will tap the extrusion dense ceramic tile, can lead to t

  • what is rotary veneer ?


         What is rotary veneer, what is his purpose! Veneer veneer, panel, also known as the dough. Wood sheet material produced by a rotary cutting or sawing method. Its thickness is usually between 0.4-1.0mm, which is mainly used in the

  • The characteristics of beech panel


         Chinese wood South beech North Elm said, that is to say in the south which is on the wood wood. Is a unique wood in the south of the Yangtze River, the texture is clear, the texture of the wood is uniform, the tone is soft and smo

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