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  • How to reduce the ju wood floor fractures?


    Ju wood floor base material sometimes occur crack, if there is a crack is not only the appearance is bad, will also affect the service life, corresponding measures will be taken to prevent this from happening, as follows:High temperature can be used

  • Ju wood veneer home renovation?


    Ju wood veneer furniture in the renovation, why need to solve the scratches, dent and paint falls off, the ju board manufacturer to introduce for you.1, solve the scratchesIs scratching the problems on the furniture, but also let the real wood furnit

  • Introduction of relevant knowledge of beech


         Beech is one of the earliest and most extensive wood furniture in literati. "It is also written wood" or "wooden fruit". Chinese produced in the south, the North do not know this name, and called for South elm wood.    "

  • What are the characteristics of beech?


         Beech characteristics: heavy, strong, impact resistance, steam is easy to bend can make modelling, holding nail performance is good, but easy to crack. The texture is clear, the wood texture is uniform, the tone is soft and smooth

  • The storage method of beech veneer?


         When it comes to beech veneer everybody should be very familiar, dough made from beech veneer is now one of the main material of furniture, decoration, but in order to more convenient management and use of beech veneer, so it is n

  • How to identify the beech?


          Beech identification should not say difficult, to the naked eye view, there are few wood similar. Beech texture clear, not do things sloppily. Common beech wood, and wood texture, well proportioned, smooth texture. In the single

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